The Lesson

Bonjour Citygaragistes,

Thanks to all of you, our first City Garage Classic, “Frederick of Prussia/George W’s Dream of Sleep.” was a big success. So we decided to go on and start “City Garage Classic Weekends,” where we will have a different production from the past showing on our YouTube Channel from Friday evening until midnight on Sunday.

We are very excited to present starting tonight, “The Lesson” by Eugène Ionesco, translated and directed by Frederique. It won Best Direction at the 2004 LA Weekly Theatre Awards, with a fantastic cast: Liz Hight, Justin Davanzo, and David E. Frank. The perfect piece to make you smile. Be sure to tune in!

Our “City Garage Classic Weekends” will be Pay-What-You-Can viewing. This weekend, please make your contribution on our Chuffed page and then head over to Youtube to enjoy “The Lesson”:

The Lesson-Classic Weekend Series

Also, here is a nice article about City Garage that just ran in Stage Raw:
Frédérique Michel and Charles Duncombe’s City Garage: A Thirty-Year Passion Hangs in the Balance

The Lesson by Eugène Ionesco
The show’s original run was from October 22, 2004 to January 20, 2005.

What the Critics Said in 2004:

Los Angeles Times: “Leave it to City Garage, Santa Monica’s bastion of European avant-garde theater, to put a refreshingly unorthodox spin on Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist classic ‘The Lesson’… With undiminished savagery, director Frederique Michel’s revival slyly turns Ionesco’s subtext of patriarchal domination on its head by switching the genders… This risky tampering pays off in spades…”

LA Weekly (Pick of the Week!): “…you fear, near the start, that the physical intensity of Pocock bursting-at-the-seams has nowhere to go, yet her animation keeps growing until, by play’s end, she’s a whiplashed, quivering ball of sweat, still hitting every mark and sibilant ‘S’ on cue… Charles A. Duncombe’s elegant, simple production design places the focus on the actors, right where it belongs.”