Empire Builders

Bonjour Citygaragistes,

Merci all of you for making our City Garage Classic Weekend a success. We are very happy to present next “The Empire Builders” by Boris Vian, one of my favorite productions. Boris Vian was a French poet, playwright, novelist, and jazz musician in the Paris of the 1950s. It will play Friday, May 1, starting at 8:00pm and closing Sunday, May 3rd at midnight. If you enjoyed Liz Hight in “The Lesson,” you will be happy to see her again in this one.

Empire Builders

Merci to all of you who have supported our “Friends of City Garage” fundraising these past weeks through the “City Garage Virtual Cabaret,” the Chuffed page, and the new City Garage YouTube channel. Here are the new donors from this week. Merci to all of you for being part of the City Garage family:

Dimitri Portnoi & Landon Hughes
Whitney Jones
Brock Jones
Liz Pocock
Philip Brandes
Ricky Lee Grove
Jimmie Morris
Janet Hoult
Nita June Davanzo
Mary Hight
Francesca Butler
Michael Trew Music
Barry Tavlin

Baisers and stay safe, we love you


The Empire Builders by Boris Vian
The show’s original run was from March 19, 2004 to April 25, 2004.