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This weekend our vintage production is less vintage but still a CG classic. It is from 2013, “Opheliamachine” by our friend Magda Romanska. It is a female response to Heiner Muller’s famous “Hamletmachine.” We hope you enjoy watching it. It will be available on our YouTube channel this weekend from Friday at 8:00pm to Sunday at midnight.

Featured in Time Out as “The best live theater to stream online on May 29”!

More information at http://opheliamachine.com/ and KRCW’s Opening The Curtain podcast!

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“Opheliamachine an uncompromising vision at City Garage” — LA Times

“…relentlessly provocative and challenging under imaginative direction by Frédérique Michel.” — LA Weekly

City Garage presents the world premiere of Opheliamachine by Magda Romanska. A fierce, modern-day Ophelia is trapped inside the machinery that has created her consciousness, fighting to be heard. Hamlet, overwhelmed by the ceaseless flood of media, watches TV mindlessly, flipping channels with his with remote control, consuming a mish-mash of human beauty and horror, a daily soup of innocence and violence. He wants to understand the world but all he can do is stare at it. The two of them are on opposite sides, between them, the Atlantic Ocean. This smart, ruthlessly funny play, tracks Ophelia’s impossible journey to bridge that vast space. It is a postmodern tale of love, sex, porn, and politics in the fragmented world of our confused emotions and our modern, global, virtual sexuality.