Georges Sand: An Erotic Odyssey in Seven Tableux

Bonjour Citygaragistes,

We, at City Garage, share the outrage at the vicious murder of George Floyd. It represents just another example of the brutal treatment of people of color in this country, the vile legacy of racism, and the enormous amount of work that needs to be done across society to create true justice for all under the law. Like so many others, we also hope the outcry that has followed provoked serious reform and an end to systemic racism once and for all. As citizens all, we demand no less.

We are a small theatre, just a small voice in the big picture of needed change. But many small voices together make one large voice. We have always tried to make a contribution to the larger issues that confront us all. We hope you’ll stay with us as we do our best to continue the work during this very difficult time.

In previous weeks we’ve brought you City Garage classics that talked about gender politics, abortion, government surveillance, and many other issues. This week we go back to our 1998 production of “Georges Sand: An Erotic Odyssey in Seven Tableux” by Ginka Steinwachs. Sand was a 19th century French author and revolutionary, a bold pro-feminist who assaulted the conventions of her time with ferocious, creative energy. We hope you’ll take some time to watch. Like always, it will be available on our YouTube channel from 8:00pm Friday through midnight Sunday. (Be warned, there is nudity and sexual content. You’re shocked, I know). Here is the link:

Georges Sand: An Erotic Odyssey in Seven Tableux

It’s free to watch but it would be so much appreciated if you could make a donation to help keep the work going here. We still don’t know when the city will allow us to operate again but we want to make sure we’re there for you when they do. And check out the daily videos from our actors on our Chuffed page, where you can also make a donation:

And merci to our donors from this last week:

Susan McCorry & Jim Conn
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Merci, and stay safe. Wear a mask!


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