Medeatext: Los Angeles/Despoiled Shore

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Thank you to those who haven been watching our week of videos dedicated to Black Lives Matters and to anyone who has made a donation to the organization (we have no way of tracking but we hope you are). Our members are continuing to create these statements of support so we’ll keep going with the effort. Please visit our YouTube channel to watch.

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This weekend we’ll be showing another City Garage classic from 8:0pm Friday through midnight on Sunday. This time it is Medeatext: Los Angeles/Despoiled Shore (2000). It is an adaptation from the Medeatexts by Heiner Muller, adapted for City Garage by Charles Duncombe and directed by Frederique Michel. It re-imagines the Medea mythology through the lens of a contemporary Los Angeles, wrestling with the politics of power, gender, race, and economic injustice. It was a Critic’s Choice in the LA Times, a Pick of the Week in the LA Weekly, and was nominated in many categories for the 2001 LA Weekly Theatre Awards. We hope you will check it out. Unfortunately, the footage is quite “vintage” now and rather dark. Also due to a number of restrictions, the music is very strange. But there are still a lot of interesting things going on. Here is the link:

Medeatext: Los Angeles/Despoiled Shore
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