Paradise Park

Bonjour City Garagistes,

For this weekend’s City Garage Classic, we’re very excited to share a production from 2010, our last show at the the old space in the alley, “Paradise Park,” by Charles Mee. The production is one of our favorites, and was a “Critic’s Choice” in the LA Times, and a “Pick of the Week” in the LA Weekly. It was also the year the Los Drama Critics Circle gave us their award for “Sustained Excellence in Theatre.”

We hope this production will make you smile and melt your heart. Welcome to Paradise Park. Pay your admission, get on the boat, and let your imagination take you into a unique, magic world of carnival. Or is it a Club Med for mad people? Is Ella really going to run away with an elephant? Does Benny have any chance of love with her? Why does Darling, a sixteen-year-old girl, have a crush on a man who wears a dress? And are Nancy and Morton, her parents, completely insane or just looking for the meaning of life? Why does Vikram dream of Edgar, the schizophrenic ventriloquist, and are his dummies, Mortimer and Charlie, real or not? Will anyone ever make it back to Londonland or Hamptonland, and is there a Civilization World anywhere close? Come take a ride with us and discover a secret you won’t forget. Beware of the crocodile!”

The production will be showing this weekend from 8:00pm Friday, July 24th, through Wednesday at midnight, July 29th on the City Garage YouTube channel.

It’s free to view—and please share the link with your friends—but do make a donation on our Chuffed page if you can to help the work continue at City Garage once we can welcome you back to the theatre.

Merci, stay safe, and wear a mask!



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