Adam & Evie

Bonjour City Garagistes,

We are excited to bring you the latest episode of our new talk show on YouTube, “Animal Farm: Conversation on Theater and Politics its Steven Leigh Morris and Guests.” This week, the show again goes abroad (virtually), this time to Poland, where Steven talks to two prominent young Polish theater directors, Anna Smolar and Magda Szpeht, about the autocratic shift that began in Poland in 2015 and its impacts on the arts and social issues. Here is the link:

Animal Farm

We’re also happy to continue our “City Garage Classics” series, this time with a more recent production from 2017, Charle L Mee’s “Adam and Evie.” Here is some information from the original press release:

“Much of our life is spent coupling, uncoupling, or recoupling. We’re obsessed by love and sex: how to get it, how to keep it, or how to get out of it and try again. In this new work, multiple-award-winning visionary playwright and poet Charles L. Mee looks at love from Adam and Eve to our own
rapidly changing times where the possibilities of thwarting yourself in love expand with every new boundary we cross. In Adam and Evie Mee joyously celebrates our unruly, childish, wise, heart-breaking, romantic, and lustful longings in gorgeous language, startling images, and the comic mishaps of dozens of lovers who bounce off each other in gradually more complex interactions resulting in a final, glorious paean to the thrill and ache of love.

Among other awards, Charles Mee is the recipient of a lifetime achievement award in drama from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, two Obie Awards, for Vienna: Lusthaus (1986) and Big Love (2002), PEN/Laura Pels Foundation Award for Drama for a playwright in mid-career, and the Fisher Award given by the Brooklyn Academy of Music.”

It will be showing on our City Garage YouTube channel from 8:00pm this Friday, November 20, through noon on Friday, November 27th.

It’s free to view but we ask people to make a donation if they can through our Chuffed page—where you also can see short performances from our members doing monologues, songs and scenes:

Merci, stay safe, and wear a mask!



(Left to right) Yukiko Hadena, Bo Roberts (masked) (photo: Paul Rubenstein)

(Left to right) Yukiko Hadena, David E. Frank (masked) Megan Kim (photo: Paul Rubenstein)