Marriage Blanc

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We have a special guest this week on our new talk show, “Animal Farm: Conversations on Theater and Politics with Steven Leigh Morris and Guests:” playwright Neil LaBute. He is one of the most important and provocative playwrights in America today. We hope you enjoy Steven’s talk with him.

Animal Farm Episode 6: Neil LaBute

Also, we’re excited to continue our ongoing “City Garage Classics” series this weekend with a production from 1999, “The White Wedding” by Taduez Rozewizc. It was a special project for us because we had with us for its opening the eminent Polish critic and writer Jan Kott.

Here is what the critics had to say:

“A surreal erotic fable chock full of Freudian themes and imagery, “Marriage Blanc” (White Wedding) is a good fit for the libido-drenched avant antics of Santa Monica’s City Garage. Nudity, emotional confrontation, socio-political satire and absurdism abound in this tale of a girl’s frightened resistance to an arranged marriage and her own emerging womanhood. But Tadeusz Rozewizc’s wry allegory also lets the ensemble demonstrate its facility with more traditional performance and stagecraft, thanks to linear narrative, continuity of character, and turn-of-the-century setting.”

In a striking departure from the company’s frequent forays into stark, existential modernism, production designer Charles A. Duncombe Jr’s ornate period scenery and warm-hued lighting prove well-suited to the 1968 play’s deliberate construction as a distant fairy tale — necessary to avoid censorship in the playwright’s native Poland.”
Los Angeles Times

“A playful and erotic journey through the turn-of-the-century Polish countryside by one of Poland’s foremost modern playwrights. In this surreal fairy tale for adults, a young girl who is about to be married struggles with her sexuality while contending with her nymphomaniac sister, lecherous father, and repressed mother. Despite the mother’s best efforts, the prim Victorian society of her orderly bourgeois household is constantly overwhelmed by eruptions of pagan sexuality. Yet, typical of great Polish theatre, beneath the sunny surface, serious themes brood, posing troubling questions about the persistent split in Western culture between the body and the soul, the heart and the mind, sexuality and spirituality. Tadeusz Rozewicz enjoys an international reputation as one of Poland’s leading playwrights and poets, and has been described by The Guardian as “One of the modern masters of the century’s dark realities.”
Contains nudity

It will be showing on our City Garage YouTube channel from 8:00pm this Thursday, November 25, through noon on Friday, December 4th.

It’s free to view but we ask people to make a donation if they can through our Chuffed page:

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