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This week we have a real City Garage classic for you, a production from 2000, “Top Dogs” by Urs Widmer. And on our online talk show,“Animal Farm: Conversations About Theatre and Politics with Steven Leigh Morris and Guests,” Steven talks with Angela Gaspar Milanovic and Bronwyn Mauldin from the LA County Department of Arts and Culture. It’s a very interesting and in-depth discussion of the impact of Covid on the arts in LA and what the Department is doing to help.

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Top Dogs by Urs Widmer
City Garage continues its ongoing “City Garage Classics” series this weekend with a production from 2002, Top Dogs by Urs Widmer.

LA Weekly — Pick of the Week!

By Urs Widmer
Directed by Frédérique Michel
Production Design and Dramaturgy by Charles A. Duncombe Jr.
Cast: Tatiana Alvarez, Joel Drazner, Richard Grove, Dyan Kane, Dennis Ottobre, Mark Rebernik, Bo Roberts, Gene Williams

LA Weekly — Pick of the Week!review by Constance Monaghan

“Swiss playwright Urs Widmer’s brutally funny look at life after downsizing may be billed as surreal, but to anyone familiar with the corporate milieu, it can only seem painfully real. It opens with an endless series of huge, projected mouths announcing name, impressive corporate title and obscene salary. When next we find ourselves in a roomful of these same “top dogs,” now jobless clients of the New Challenge Corporation employment agency, our pity can’t help but be tinged with smug satisfaction. That duality of response continues as we empathize with this “white-collar trash” newly shorn of identity (literally clinging to their wingtips and pumps) and simultaneously scorn them for weaknesses we also identify with. Director Frederique Michel brilliantly balances the explosively comic and movingly melancholic in a precise, stylish staging that segues from drill-team choreography, to dead-on spotlit monologues (one man fantasizes becoming a zookeeper while a woman imagines impressing her hard-nosed mother with a top-floor office), to re-enactments of the characters firings. The ensemble is impressive: Tatiana Alvarez, Joel Drazner, Richard Grove, Dyan Kane, Dennis Ottobre, Mark Rebernik, Bo Roberts and Gene Williams. Charles Duncombe Jr. created the set, lighting, sound and video (along with Cristian YoungMiller and Arosh Ayrom).”
It will be showing on our City Garage YouTube channel from 8:00pm this Friday, December 18th, through noon on Friday, December 25th.

It’s free to view but we ask people to make a donation if they can through our Chuffed page
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(Left to right) Tatiana Alvarez, Mark Rebernik, Dyan Kane, Richard Grove, Joel Drazner; photo: Paul Rubenstein
(Left to right) Joel Drazner, Bo Roberts; photo: Paul Rubenstein
(Left to right) Bo Roberts, Mark Rebernik, Dennis Ottobre, Dyan Kane, Joel Drazner, Richard Grove; photo; Paul Rubenstein