New Year

Bonjour Citygaragistes,

It was a stormy year of pain and sorrow that we will never forget. So many people gone, families in need, black and white fighting in the streets for justice, a beast eating us away, a dark cloud floating on our head.

But tonight at midnight, all together, we should make a wish for a better future. We should all together help each other with love. So black and white and brown become one color. And all together we will kill that beast eating us.

Life will be back to us soon and we will be wiser (we hope). Merci to all of you for your support. Because of you, our City Garage Classic Weekends has been a big success, and the same with our new show with Steven Leigh Morris. Please, if you can, help us with a little donation so we can continue to go on until we re-open the theatre. We wish you all a magic new year in 2021.

Merci and love to all,