Bonjour Citygaragistes,

We’re taking a week off on “Animal Farm” this week but we do have another City Garage Classic for you, “Atrocities,” a production we did in 2000 about human rights crimes in Chechnya. It’s a difficult subject and about some terrible things so viewer discretion is advised. (It’s an old show and a little dark but what it says is important.)

Here is a little about it from the LA Weekly review:

“Towards the close of Charles Duncombe’s harrowing ensemble piece about human rights abuses by Russian soldiers in Chechnya, a young man asks incredulously, “It’s not really possible for people to act like that, is it?” The answer is self-evident but far from simple, and rooted in paradox. One by one [these] steely-eyed, parlous young men recount nightmarish acts of murder, rape, and torture, committed against men, women, and children. Some speak as if seeking absolution or to assuage tormented consciences, while others glibly justify these acts by war’s brutal logic or as necessary acts of vengeance for atrocities perpetrated by the enemy…That we never fully or satisfactorily fathom what makes these men (and others like them) tick is understandable; that we find judging them difficult is what makes the play thought-provoking.”

It will be showing on our City Garage YouTube channel from 8:00pm this Friday, April 9, through noon on Friday, April 16th.

It’s free to view but we ask people to make a donation if they can through our Chuffed page or on the “Support Us” page of the website.

Merci, stay safe, wear a mask, and get vaccinated when you can.



(Left to right) Jonathan Cobb, David E. Frank, Paul Rubenstein; photo: Paul Rubenstein
(Left to right) Eric Talon, Jonathan Cobb, Freddy Nager, Bo Roberts, Lejla Hadzimuratovic, David E. Frank, Paul Rubenstein, Stephen Pocock; photo: Paul Rubenstein
(Left to right) Stephen Pocock, David E. Frank, Bo Roberts, Jonathan Cobb, Paul Rubenstein, Eric Talon, Freddy Nager, Bo Roberts; photo: Paul Rubenstein