Dear Friends of City Garage,

As you certainly know, in the interest of public safety, state and local government authorities have called for the “postponement or cancellation” of any type of public gatherings. Theatres need to shut down. We can’t rehearse or perform for the time being. And this might go on for awhile. It’s too early to know.

We all join together in times like this. In doing what we can to help stop the spread of the virus but also in reminding ourselves what we value. The bonds that connect us. Each other. Our friends and families. Our communities. You’re part of our family here at City Garage and the whole reason we do what we do. Whether you’ve been part of our work for the thirty-plus years we’ve been doing it or you just discovered us recently, we thank you for being part of the journey.

We don’t know how long this difficult period might go on but we do know we need your help to get through it. Please consider a donation—small or large—to ensure that we’ll be there for you once this over. You can use the “Donate Now” button here:

Or if you prefer, you can send a check to:

City Garage
2525 Michigan Ave. T1
Santa Monica, Ca. 90404

This is a great time to reconnect with your family and enjoy some moments of quiet and reflection. We will go through this all together—even if we need to practice social distancing for the moment! See you soon at City Garage!

Merci from all of us in the Company, our Board, and Frederique and Charles

While we’re closed, you can keep up by following our YouTube Channel!