Don’t miss our next show–a new play from Neil LaBute, “If I Needed Someone.” It’s a lovely, funny romance but filled with sharp insights about the challenges of today’s dating scene. There will be a preview on Friday, August 2nd with complimentary champagne, followed by opening night on Saturday, August 3rd with an informal buffet following the show. Join us for opening weekend of this very special world premiere event!

About the Play

This smart, sexy, funny, timely comedy follows a girl and guy over the course of one night while they try to navigate the minefield of contemporary gender politics. They’ve just met. They like each other. They’re attracted to each other. They’ve ended up back at her place but now the true test begins. How do they avoid saying or doing the wrong thing? How do they say or do the right thing? What does that even mean in today’s world of relationships? Neil LaBute, well known for his biting, provocative plays that show men at their worst and women at their most frustrated, here takes a gentler, sweeter tone and crafts a love story that remains just as edgy, just as full of razor-sharp insights, showing two people who maybe, just maybe, might make it to the other side of that dating war zone and find each other.

A New Play from Neil LaBute! “If I Needed Someone”
Preview, Friday, August 2nd @ 8:00pm; Opening Night gala, Saturday August 3rd @ 8:00pm.

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