Only two weeks left for the madness of “The Bald Soprano!” Don’t miss this delightful evening of mayhem in the home of Madame and Monsieur Smith as the entertain their confused guests, a visiting fire chief, and a rebellious maid. Make your reservations now!

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“City Garage has remounted the 1950 one-act with wackiness and wile, deftly recreating Ionesco’s illogical world for an American audience… an uncanniness that feels friendly and welcoming, suggesting a place where we can all be mad together….Beyond illusions of language and paradoxes of time, there is much amusement to be had.
— Amanda Andrei, Stage Raw

“Michel keeps her entire cast on the same absurdist page while giving them plenty of unscripted business to accompany Ionesco’s words….the entire cast is given moments to shine…Since its 1987 debut, Michel and Duncombe’s City Garage has established itself as the most adventurously avant garde of SoCal intimate theaters….The Bald Soprano adds up to an hour or so of zany absurdist fun.”
— Steven Stanley, StageScene LA

“Imagine the story-telling equivalent of Merry-Go-Round after taking a tiny hit of acid, in France and that suggests a little bit of zany humor direct Frederique Michel achieves with this cast. Imagine if you will Monty Python and the Holy Grail crossed with a 1950s sitcom of your choice, minus children. Then stir in very acid humor about the bourgeoisie. That sounds like a mere formula, doesn’t it? And yet the only “formula” here is silliness, the arch type of silliness of which we all may well be guilty.”
— David MacDowell Blue, Night Tinted Glassses

About the play

A revival of City Garage’s acclaimed productions from 2008 and 2012, this mad, crazy, wildly funny play is the comic masterpiece that launched the Theatre of the Absurd. It’s the story of an ordinary evening in the home of M. and Madame Smith that spins madly out of control as they entertain their guests, the Martins. Dazzling in its linguistic acrobatics, the play is a comic masterpiece of joyful, irrational anti-logic and a looney parody of the stolid, thick-witted world of middleclass propriety. In an escalating battle of banalities, polite conversation turns to confusion, then mayhem, and finally explodes into cheerful, liberating chaos. Simultaneously comic and profound, it is a short, sharp ludicrous journey into a funhouse mirror version of the world we think we know—and the truth of what we do not.

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