Bonjour Citygaragistes,

We started this year’s “Animal Farm” with an episode featuring theater scholar and playwright Magda Romanksa so we thought for this week’s City Garage Classic we would bring her “Opheliamachine,” which we did in 2013. It was a “Go” in the LA Weekly and they said this:

World Premiere! “GO” — LA Weekly

This smart, ruthlessly funny play, tracks Ophelia’s impossible journey to bridge that vast space. It is a postmodern tale of love, sex, porn, and politics in the fragmented world of our confused emotions and our modern, global, virtual sexuality.


And on this week’s “Animal Farm” Steven talks to playwright Adam E. Douglas about the intersection of theater and multimedia and gaming platforms. You can watch it here or listen to it as a podcast:

Animal Farm

In the meantime, we are in rehearsal for Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame” and are now planning to open March 4th (Covid permitting!) We can’t wait to see you again.