Voices from Ukraine 2

City Garage presents

“Voices from Ukraine 2”

As part of the Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings Project in support of the people of Ukraine. All donations go directly to groups working on the ground in Ukraine and to the writers themselves as they all try to survive this terrible and criminal war.

8:00pm Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

Just Tell No One
By Oksana Savchenko

Hocus Pocus
By Liudmyla Tymoshenko

The Russians Are Coming
By Yelena Astaseva

How Not to Be a Katsup
By Oksana Grytsenko

Snuff Films
By Andriy Bondarenko

How to Talk to the Dead
By Anastasiia Kosodii

Texts translated by John Freedman with Natalia Bratus

Angela Beyer
Nathan Dana
Devin Davis-Lorton
Peggy Flood
Lea De Carmo
Naomi Helen Weissberg

Here are some relevant organizations if you’d like to make a donation:
Ukrainian Emergency Performing Arts Fund (https://www.uepaf.org.ua/)
Children’s stories (https://voices.org.ua/en/childrens-stories/)
Humanitarian aid for Ukraine (https://www.lphr.org/en/humanitaere-hilfe-ukraine/)

Last Year’s “Voices from Ukraine”
Last May City Garage was part of the worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings Project in support of humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine. Now, our friends at Laertes Press have published a book of twenty of these short plays, A Dictionary of Emotions in Time of War. One half of the $20 purchase price go directly to the writers. Please consider buying a copy. Here is a link with all the information:


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