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Exit the King

by Eugene Ionesco May 31 – July 14, 2019
In Eugene Ionesco’s darkly comic masterpiece we witness the final hours of megalomaniac King Berenger the First. His monstrous ego has kept him alive for four centuries, but now, Queen Marguerite calmly informs him, the time has come to die. Berenger rages, pleads, denies, bargains, but Queen Marguerite, coolly efficient, aided by her smiling henchman, the doctor, draws the king relentlessly closer to his final moment on earth. At once broadly comic and deeply unsettling, the play alternates between Monty Python-style slapstick and haunting echoes of Shakespearean tragedy. In a new translation by City Garage founders Frederique Michel and Charles Duncombe.


by Sarah Ruhl August 9 – September 22, 2019
Pulitzer-prize nominee Sarah Ruhl stands the Orpheus myth on its head and retells it from Eurydice’s point of view. Comic, tragic, silly and poetic in turns, this inventive play follows Eurydice as she does her best to adapt to life in hell. Abandoned by her self-absorbed poet-lover, she rides elevators, has long conversations with stones, defends herself against suspicious men, and finds comfort in the companionship of the ghost of her dead father, though, to his sorrow, she cannot remember who he is. She struggles to recall what it was to be alive and who she was. At last, her easily distracted lover arrives to deliver her. Or will he?

Department of Dreams

by Jeton Neziraj October 19 – December 1, 2019
The world premiere of Kosovar playwright Jeton Neziraj’s nightmarish, Orwellian comedy of an autocratic government that demands its citizens deposit their dreams in a central, bureaucratic facility so that it can exert the fullest possible control of their imaginations. In this vast, underground complex, civil servants like Dan, a new hire for the prized job of Interpreter, sift patiently through the nation’s dreams looking for threats to the government’s authority. If order is to be maintained, deviance must be extinguished and imagination co-opted. Dan works hard and tries to survive in this strange dream world but finds nothing is as it seems to be except the authority that rules it. Don’t miss the world premiere of this new play from one of Europe’s most remarkable playwrights.

Largo Desolato

by Vaclav Havel January 17 – March 1, 2020
City Garage stages a timely revival of Havel’s classic piece (translated by Czech-born playwright Tom Stoppard) about totalitarian regimes, censorship, and the price of integrity. A dissident intellectual, Leopold Nettles, is dogged by the secret police, pressured by his friends, and nagged by his housemate to just shut up and go along. Shadowy figures arrive to offer him a deal to stay out of prison but Nettles can’t get himself to accept. His world starts to dissolve in a hallucinatory battle of conscience but will he ultimately have the courage of his convictions? Havel wrote the play when he had just emerged from prison in 1984 and he later played a major role in the Velvet Revolution that toppled communism in Eastern Europe. What would he make of the frightening resurgence of so many of the ideas he sacrificed so much to eradicate?

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