Insulted. Belarus

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On Thursday, December 7th at 8:00pm, attend a reading of “Voices of the New Belarus,” the companion play to “Insulted. Belarus”

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We had a wonderful opening weekend for “Insulted. Belarus.” So many special visitors were on hand: the author, Andrei Kureichik and his son Gleb, the translator, John Freedman and his wife Oksana, Belarusian poetess Vita Babushkanskaya, Vadim Prokopyev (a prominent Belarusian opposition figure who has been sentenced—in abstentia—to 25 years in prison by Kukashenko), Ukrainian playwright Alexander Mardan, Tatyana Rodzinek, a leader of the LA diaspora of Belarusians—and so many more friends and supporters. Our thanks to all of our audience members who came and made this such a special weekend, and to Steven Leigh Morris, editor and publisher of Stage Raw, who moderated a fascinating discussion with Andrei and John after the Sunday show.

(Left to right) John Freedman, translator, Andrei Kureichik, author.

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Wow!…Contemporary theater at its most informative and impactful…A nation’s failed efforts to unseat one of the world’s most reviled dictators comes to stunning, gut-punching life in City Garage Theatre’s English-language World Premiere of Andrei Kureichik’s Insulted….As highly political as it is deeply personal, Insulted. Belarus is contemporary theater at its most informative and impactful. Its English-language premiere does its playwright, City Garage, and the people of Belarus proud.”

— Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“Absolutely not to be missed…!!!”
— Edward Goldman, Art Matters

Top Ten! Recommended!
“A vivid picture of the events leading up to and including the election and the horrific fallout from Lukashenko’s desperate — and merciless — campaign to retain power….Director Frederique Michel keeps the action flowing smoothly, and she unflinchingly serves up violence onstage…. [Juliet] Morrison gives a strong performance in one of the most intriguing roles as a school principal who is completely unapologetic about her manipulating vote counts at her precinct….To borrow from Linda Loman in Death of a Salesman (though the context is much different): “Attention must be paid.” Thankfully, much attention has been paid to Insulted. Belarus.”
— G. Bruce Smith, Stage Raw

“Powerful stuff. And topical. Performed by one of the best theatre companies in the Los Angeles area. More, this play works in stirring up emotions. The performances are all good. As expected with this company!… a very worthwhile piece of theatre!…. intense and worth the price of a ticket, not least for us to think about nations who are not in the forefront of the news reports right now, but still suffer…. an impactful work of living art, opening one’s eyes and heart to the unknown, yet somehow recognizable as absolutely true!”
— David MacDowell Blue, The World Through Night Colored Glasses

“A profound story not solely confined to one country’s plight but emblematic of endeavors to divert the road to unfreedom globally.”
– Bryan Brown, New Theatre Quarterly

“The most urgent play of the year.”
– Stijn Devillé, New Urban Theater, Belgium


About the Play

A power-hungry authoritarian who will stop at nothing to hang onto power. Accusations of widespread election fraud. Mass protests that turn violent. Sound familiar? Such things used to be unimaginable in the United States. Frighteningly, that’s no longer the case. But can we learn a lesson from what happened in the 2020 election in Belarus? While our would-be dictator fell short, another did not—Alexander Lukashenko. Through brutal repression, mass arrests, torture, and the murders of innocent protestors he kept an iron grip on the country. But for how much longer?

While democracies around the world are under threat from authoritarianism, there are also courageous citizens who are willing to put their lives on the line for the sake of self-determination. This play tells the story of the people of Belarus who did just that. In the election of 2020, they came achingly close to overthrowing the oppressive regime of Alexander Lukashenko, Europe’s longest-ruling dictator. Instead, in Lukashenko’s violent crackdown, thousands were arrested, thrown into prison, beaten, abused, tortured, and silenced. But the pro-Democracy movement, as witnessed by writers such as Andrei Kureichik, who, because of his work in defense of free-speech, was forced into exile, has emerged only more determined. This play, which has been translated into 29 languages and has received more than 250 readings across the globe as part of a worldwide project curated by translator John Freedman, is the story of a determined, fearless people who are willing to fight for a democratically elected government. Are we soon going to be called on to do the same? City Garage is proud to present the English-language world premiere production of this powerful play.

Photo credit: Nadia Buzhan

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Frederique 👠👠 and Archie

Ghost Land


It’s the last weekend for “Ghost Land.” If you haven’t yet seen it, don’t miss your chance to be part of this critically-acclaimed world premiere event.

Tickets for Ghost Land

Voice of America, Ukraine
The Ukrainian service for Voice of America did a story on “Ghost Land” recently. Although it’s in Ukrainian, we wanted to share it with you:
Voice of America story, or you can view it on Instagram.

Stage Raw – Recommended! Top 10!
“Ukrainian playwright Andriy Bondarenko brings the horrors inflicted on his compatriots by Russia’s invasion to surrealistic life… Director Fréderique Michel effectively complements Bondarenko’s dreamlike work with live video that provide full-face depictions of the characters, as well as recorded images (video designed by Sannazzaro). Other creative staging choices, such as soldiers carting off wooden crates as if they were their own coffins and Charles Duncombe’s moody lightning — along with sturdy performances from the ensemble —– heighten the stark nature of Bondarenko’s opus.
— Martίn Hernández, Stage Raw

“When the final revelation comes, it hits like thunderclap…. the full context of all we’ve experienced since the lights came up at the start becomes clear. I was shaken. Among other things, the play ceased to be about just what is happening in Ukraine or even about the hell of modern war. It became about me, and you, and everyone who has ever had to endure the trauma of real evil. Of those moments when the worst of us turn this earth into a real Hell. More, how do we heal after that?”
— David MacDowell Blue, The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses

“The reality of Bondarenko’s ghost land is vividly brought to life in Frederique Michel’s staging….haunting images…top notch, effectively setting the mood.”
— Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

Our Fall Fundraising Campaign – Help us get to $30,000!

Please consider making a donation, if you can, toward our fall fundraising campaign. We have new grants to match: from the City for Santa Monica, from the County of Los Angeles, and from the State of California. You, the audience, is what makes the work possible at City Garage and helps us to continue. Thanks to the following donors we’ve raised $4650 so far:

Curt and Michele Wittig
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Geraldine Fuentes
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Support for Ukraine
And throughout this run, we are also urging people to support humanitarian aid to Ukraine, particularly the “Voices of Children” project. For more information, follow his link:

Ukraine Support

Invertigo Dance
Our friends at Invertigo Dance have an interesting project coming up at the Broad Stage which we wanted to share:

Formulae & Fairy Tales; October 13 + 14 at 7:30pmInvertigo Dance Theatre is bringing back its inventive and inspiring dance theatre performance Formulae & Fairy Tales for two nights only at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica.

Join us for a reimagining of Alan Turing’s queer identity, persecution, and technological discoveries during #LGBTQHistoryMonth This exploration of humankind’s nuanced relationship with technology is a “wonderful, beautiful, and often heart-wrenching work of art” (Dance Chronicle).

Formulae & Fairy Tales
October 13 & 14, 2023 at 7:30pm
The Broad Stage, Santa Monica

Merci, and I look forward to seeing you this weekend at City Garage!


Frederique 👠👠


Bonjour Bergaragistes,

It’s the last weekend for #Measure4Measure. If you haven’t seen it, this is you last chance! Make your reservations today for what one reviewer called “The best production of this ‘problem play’ I’ve ever seen.” It’s both funny and dark, a truly fascinating play. Don’t miss it. We will wrap up the run with a Q&A with the cast after the final performance, this Sunday, July 9th. Join us!

“Author/adaptor Charles A. Duncombe’s version of William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure offers a timely skewering of sexual harassment, religious hypocrisy, and state repression….Stellar performances from the cast under Frédérique Michel’s direction…. Courtney Brechemin, Kat Johnston, and Beyer skillfully juggle multiple roles, while director Michel manipulates that dynamic with some clever clowning in staging and costume changes…. The futility of trusting in the Church or the State to protect women from sexual predators is driven home in the words of both Shakespeare and Duncombe. Sadly, not much has changed since then.”
“Top Ten!” Recommended, Stage Raw
(To read the entire review, go to:

“The best production of this “problem play” I have ever seen….[Courtney Brechemin] nearly steals the show…. At the very end–and here I cannot praise Charles A. Duncombe’s editing nor Frederique Michel’s direction enough–what seems like the perfect ending in terms of theatrical formula lies naked in its exploitation and deceit and casual sadism. So…wow!”
The World Through Night Tinted Glasses
(To read the entire review, go to:

If you haven’t yet made you reservations, now is the time. Join us!

A new version of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure
for City Garage by Charles A. Duncombe

June 2 – July 9, 2023

Vienna is corrupt, brimming with sex and vice. The Duke, lax in enforcing the strict laws, leaves the city in the hands of a puritanical reformer eager to impose moral order. This substitute begins ordering executions but when a beautiful young novice, pleading for the life of her brother, provokes his own lust, he resorts to sexual blackmail. When she threatens to expose him, he mocks her. Who would believe her rather than him? In this version of Shakespeare’s play for City Garage, gender politics, power, and sexuality are examined through a contemporary lens. A cast of seven, playing multiple characters, takes a text from 1604 and creates an intense, darkly comic, biting commentary on our own times. Then, as now, power and sex are inextricably entwined and the question of how to obtain justice remains just as difficult to answer.

Merci, and see you at the theatre!




Bonjour Bergaragistes,

Last Monday, Stage Raw held their annual Awards Ceremony. “The Penelopiad” was awarded “Distinguished Production of the Year.” Congratulations to the cast and everyone who worked on the production. Charles and I also received their “Lifetime Achievement Award.” Steven Leigh Morris, Publisher/ Editor of Stage Raw, and Faye Viviana, Executive Producer of Crimson Square Theatre, presented the award and this is what they said:

Sometime in 1989, maybe it was 1990, but it was a long time ago, I was a lot younger then, and so were the co-founders of City Garage Theatre, who we’re honoring tonight. I don’t remember why exactly, but I was on the Santa Monica Pier, and I noticed this theater putting on a play by Harold Pinter. Let that sink in. Harold Pinter, on the Santa Monica Pier. Outside, it was the sound of calliopes and screaming kids and the smells of popcorn and sunscreen. And inside, on this stage there was a kind of stark terror, absurdist repartee, Pinteresque pauses, I remember slivers of sunlight oozing in through tiny cracks in the building where you could still hear those calliopes and I couldn’t help wonder what the hell is going on here? This was not the first production by City Garage and its co-founders, Frederique Michel and Charles Duncombe, who we’re honoring tonight . The organization started putting on plays 1987 at the off-Main Theater, also in Santa Monica. We’re now in 2023 and the company has never left Santa Monica, though they’ve been in several theaters there.

One of them was tucked in an alley of the Third Street Promenade – the embodiment of consumerism. And of course, many of the plays they put on railed against consumerism. Why not? It’s sort of like putting on a play at the beach that rails against the surf. That’s part of what they do. Defiance. Much of what they defy, and have always defied, is the odds. The odds of sustaining a defiant theater of ideas in a complacent culture.

They’ve done plays from all over the world, plays by Fassbinder, Mueller, Margaret Atwood, Charles Mee, Caryl Churchill, Sarah Kane, and Eugene O’Neill, and plays written by their own Managing Director, Charles Duncombe. Their Artistic Director Frederique Michel is French, which means they’ve also done Moliere, and Ionesco. Moliere and Charles Mee probably sit most comfortably with traditional audiences, But Frederique, who directs all their shows, usually directs her actors to move with a kind of arch, presentational choreography that’s very hard to execute well. But they’ve been at it so long, that they’ve discovered a way to communicate with their actors so that the style looks, well, natural.

They’ve made the unnatural look natural. They’ve made defiance entertaining, for 36 years they’ve provoked and stimulated and offended and done everything that the theater does best, but rarely dares to. And 36 years later, they’re still here, adapting, surviving, and, in moments, thriving. It’s with great pleasure that Stage Raw presents its 2023 Lifeime Achievement Award to Frederique Michel and Charles Duncombe.

So many thanks to you, our loyal audience, for being with us through this journey of 35 years. But there is more to come. Next week we’ll tell you about our next production coming up, our own City Garage version of Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure.”


Frederique 👠👠


Bonjour Citygaragistes,

It’s the last weekend for “Cardenio.” If you haven’t yet seen it, come join the fun onstage for “Cardenio.” Just four performances left. Make your reservations today!

Top Ten – Recommended!

“In Michel’s propulsive and imaginative staging, the actors, including Jason Pereira, Angela Beyer, Kat Johnston, Loosema Hakverdian, and Andy Kallok, pitch their performances just shy of slapstick. Scene-stealer Dunn, in particular, chews the scenery with brio, but the entire cast is engaging and well-matched. It all makes for a delightful entertainment, to be sure. But dig a bit deeper and you might discover a heartfelt Valentine to the transformative power of the theater, a fitting message not only for this play, but for City Garage’s enduring mandate.”
Stage Raw

“What’s magical about this moment isn’t simply the transformation of an actor [Tory Dunn] before our eyes (though that’s pretty great). It’s the self-awareness of the play and the production itself. It’s a bit like the play is winking at us and saying — ‘Yes, it’s all been a bit over the top up until now. We know. But it’s part of the magic of theater. And isn’t that really why we’re all here?’….More than a love letter simply to these prior plays, it’s a love letter to theater itself.”

“High paced wit and slapstick comedy….Enjoy this piece and have a great laugh or two in the process!
Accessibly Live Off-Line

“Mischief and misunderstandings commence, splashed with copious amounts of self-deceit, questioning, art, and that most dangerous of all substances in this world, Truth….Dunn delivers a tour-de-force which nicely portrays how art can impact life for the better.”
The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses

“Michel has choreographed…a pair of scene changes are absolute delights. There’s also some very good work being done on Charles Duncombe’s Italian countryside set, most notably by Beyer (who delivers some priceless “reaction shots”), real-life couple Duncan and Roberts as a couple of quintessential show people, Johnston’s embittered Doris, and Dunn’s molto spumante Rudi. Best of all is the tall, dark, and handsome Sannazzaro, displaying effortless comedic panache as Anselmo while radiating the kind of charisma that had audiences swooning over Rupert Everett in My Best Friend’s Wedding.”
StageScene LA

For tickets and reservations:
Cardenio tickets at TicketLeap

Cardenio by Stephen Greenblatt and Charles L. Mee
February 24 – March 26, 2023

Come and join us in the sunny hills of Italy for a romantic adventure as three mis-matched couples struggle to sort themselves out—even a newly married bride and groom! Noted Shakespeare scholar Stephen Greenblatt and Obie Award-winning playwright Charles L. Mee have re-made a “lost” comedy of Shakespeare’s into a contemporary delight. Anselmo, uncertain of his young bride Camila’s love persuades his best man to put her to the test. Her furious reaction, when she finds out, manages to send all three couples into confusion as their own conflicts come out in the open—with results that at first seem disastrous, but of course, end happily. Working from such texts as exist for this “holy grail” of Shakespeare lovers, Greenblatt and Mee have crafted a joyful play with all the hallmarks of Shakespeare’s great comedies: playful, sensual, sexy, filled with exuberant language, an intoxicating affirmation of the power of love—even if it begins in confusion.

Voice From Ukraine 2
Many thanks to all those who came to the reading last week. We raised $900. If you weren’t able to be there, we will post a video soon. For more information on how you can contribute to charities working on the ground in Ukraine, or to buy the book supporting Ukrainian writers, follow this link:
Voices from Ukraine 2
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Frederique 👠👠

The Penelopiad

Bonjour Citygaragistes,

It’s the last weekend for “The Penelopiad.” Don’t miss it! We were sold out last weekend so if you haven’t made your reservations, do it now. Critics have been saying some wonderful things:

Top Ten! Recommended!
“To see a cast of 13 women onstage is a delight, and to see 11 of them metamorphose into a raft of ducks, a ship, a group of weavers, a pair of sacrificial animals, and more — feels like a modern yet anciently rooted chorus at its best and is a credit to Frédérique Michel’s choreography and direction.”
Amanda L. Andrei, Stage Raw

“Yet another amazing and arousing production at City Garage Theatre retelling the story of the Trojan War. With choreography, singing and nudity… plenty of it!”
Edward Goldman, Art Matters

“What really makes up the beating heart of this production are the twin beats of ritual and theme. In a true echo of Greece’s ancient theatre, much here is made of dance and masks….The way the cast members became ships, became waves, became ghosts, became slaughtered animals, etc. was part of how director Frederique Michel brought a frankly difficult play to life….A wonderful dive into the imagination.”

David McDowell Blue, The World Through Night Tinted Glasses

“Approaches the “hallelujah” level!”
Don Shirley, Angeles Stage

“Masterful… The Penelopiad stands out as one of City Garage’s most memorable productions.”

-Will Manus, Total

“A wonderful all-female ensemble….directorially brilliant.”

-Joseph Hazani, A Dilettante

“The Penelopiad receives a bracing, audacious performance as Santa Monica’s City Garage returns to full swagger….The adaptation is a corker….fragrant, dark, and bitter with an eye-opening kick. “

– Ravi Narasimhan, Backscatter

“In The Penelopiad at CityGarage it is the women who finally illuminate the actual tragedy of Homer’s epic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

-Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move

Get Your Tickets now for the final weekend!

Penelopiad Tickets

Please note that while masks and proof of COVID-19 vaccination are no longer required at City Garage, both are strongly recommended for the safety of our performers, staff, and other audience members.

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Steve Diskin
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Ravi Narasimhan
Sharon and Chester Graine
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Frederique 👠👠

Beach People

Bonjour Citygaragistes,

Join us at the beach for sun and fun with our sexy cast for the final weekend of “Beach People.” It’s been a hit with both audiences and critics. Don’t miss your last chance to see it before it leaves the stage.

Top Ten! Recommended!

“Michel’s staging balances the humor and pathos with equal panache and her cast does not equivocate. Beyer and Thompson hold our sympathy as the angst-ridden couple, and they deliver Duncombe’s machine-gun dialogue with skill and flamboyance.”
Stage Raw


“Impressively acted by a skin-revealing cast of four….Amazing…a hoot!”
Stage Scene LA

Highly Recommended!
Theatre in LAOn Stage Los Angeles

“Who ever heard of an existentialist rom com?….This is a fun idea. More though, it is a funny show….both broad and subtle….Genuinely delightful as well as silly (and painfully true).”
The World Through Night Tinted Glasses

“A fast paced comical drama…leaning toward a lot of life’s questions that hold no answers. And that’s the best part!”
Accessibly Live Off-Line

“Where is happiness found if not on a beach? It is that irony that is the center-piece to the theatrical excitement and excellently florid script of Beach People….which sings in the laughable absurdity of being inundated in such a technologically complex world whereby no one has any idea of how any of it all works.”
— Joseph Hazani, A Dilettante

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, get them today!

Reservations at TicketLeap
Proof of vaccination and masks required.

City Garage Underground: Final two shows of “Somebody Somewhere” by Anthony Sannazzaro
And don’t miss the last two performances of “Somebody Somewhere,” the first in our new City Garage Underground series. Written and directed Anthony Sannazzaro, the piece centers on a young man reliving the defining moments of his life and a man and woman dealing with the grief of loss. Last two shows this Wednesday and Thursday, September 7th and 8th . Here is a link for tickets:

Reservations at TicketLeap

Proof of vaccination and masks required for all performances at City Garage.

Merci, and see you soon at City Garage!


Frederique 👠👠

The Birthday Party

Bonjour Citygaragistes,

Only two performances left of “The Birthday Party.” If you haven’t seen it yet, this is your last chance!

“My friends, I urge you to see this challenging and inspiring performance of The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter. Superb acting and stage directing in an intimate space with only a few dozen seats. You can still buy tickets for this performance for the month of July. I hope you take the time to enjoy it.”

–Edward Goldman, Art Matters

“This production knocked it out of the park.”

–Night Tinted Glasses

“The Birthday Party is open for a lot of interpretations for its real meanings. Even if one doesn’t win in this guessing game, the stage presentation at City Garage makes great theater as viewed on its intimate stage.”

–Accessibility Live Onstage

Top Ten, Recommended!

The Birthday Party was not intended to be a realistic depiction of everyday life among working class Brits; instead, it was meant to relay awareness of the dark oppressive forces that lie beneath the surface of daily living….Much of the humor and pure entertainment in this production is reflected around Flood’s utterly engaging persona, a beacon amidst the baleful shadows and apocalyptic themes…an adept, well-paced production…a tale of authoritarianism run amuck.”

–Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw

“City Garage has revisited The Birthday Party in a splendid production that captures Pinter’s specialty as a playwright: grotesque naturalism wrapped around a core of menace and depravity…. superb acting and directing.”

–Will Manus, Total Theater

Make your reservations now!
Buy Tickets Now
Please note our current COVID protocols.

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Picture of a Birthday Cake

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Birthday Candles

Coming August 5th “Beach People” by Charles A. Duncombe.

Tickets now on sale!

Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves, feel the sun on your skin, have a pina colada, smell the coconut oil. A couple baking happily on the sand seem to have found paradise until their life is turned upside down by a beautiful girl in bikini who has a thing for fruit salad and eastern philosophy. And what about the handsome waiter in a speedo? This is how a day at the beach turns into existential panic. Two floundering people struggle to figure it all out—literally—in this new comedy about love, sex, and the meaning of life by award-winning playwright Charles A. Duncombe.

Animal Farm

This week on “Animal Farm” Steven talks with Roger Q. Mason, playwright of Lavendar Men, opening next week at Skylight Theatre/Playwrights’ Arena.

A Tribute

It is with great sadness that we share with you that this last week we lost one of our dear friends and long-time company members, the very talented, bright young woman and mother of twins, Liz Hight. Here is one of her great performances, in Eugene Ionesco’s The Lesson. She will be missed by her family and friends.

Watch The Lesson

Merci, and see you soon at City Garage


Frederique 👠👠

Voices from Ukraine

As part of the Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings Project, a global effort to raise humanitarian aide for the people of Ukraine, more than a hundred theatre companies around the world have presented over 170 readings of 22 plays by Ukrainian playwrights, all of them written since the war began. Here is the reading City Garage presented on May 15th. If you want to support this cause, here are links to some charities on the ground in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Emergency Performing Arts Fund (
Children’s stories (
Humanitarian aid for Ukraine (

Here’s the video of the reading:

Thanks again to the donors who supported the reading:

Chopper Bernet, Nathan Birnbaum, Holly and Harold Dunnigan, Anne Guillen, Lisa and Bill Gray, Jana Hatch, Garv Manocha, Roger Marheine, Graciela Markarian, Myron Meisel, Bottara Kahn Nabaie, Veronique Pascal, Sirpa Raitanen, Laurel Schmidt, Pamela St. Clair-Johnson, Michael Toman, Gustav Vintas.

“Endgame” by Samuel Beckett

Bonjour Citygaragistes,

It’s the last weekend for Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame!” Don’t miss a chance to see this wonderful and haunting show. Make your reservations today!

Buy Tickets Now

“Top Ten” – Recommended! Stage Raw

“Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.” This line from Samuel Beckett’s grim yet witty one-act, a classic of the existentialist “Theatre of the Absurd” canon, may best sum up the playwright’s bleak philosophy. Laughter at those less happy than us – at least for now – may be our only solace in the face of the inevitable. What with the pandemic and Putin, what better way to spend an evening?….Director Frédérique Michel has a knack for comic timing, exemplified with Clov’s business with sundry props and the characters’ flippant comments, some of which Beckett uses to teasingly suggest that his characters are in on the bizarre gag. And the ensemble is well matched for its depiction of a dysfunctional family – and world – on its last – whether missing, useless, or damaged – legs.”

“How We Buried Stalin” – Russian dissident playwright Artur Solomonov on “Animal Farm”

Also, this week on a special episode of “Animal Farm,” Steven talks with Russian playwright Artur Solomonov who’s controversial play “How We Buried Josef Stalin” was dropped by the Moscow theater that commissioned it under the pressure of Putin’s regime. Steven has an extended conversation with the playwright about the nightmares taking place in both Ukraine and Russia and how Solomonov’s play explores the recent revival of Stalin worship in Russia and what that might portend. Please watch.
Animal Farm

Refugee Support for Ukraine

In 2000 we did a production about human rights abuses in Chechnya called “Atrocities.” Tragically, the same thing is now playing out all over again before the world’s horrified eyes. We thought we would offer the production online for the next few weeks, as well as the text. Please show your support of the millions of displaced citizens of Ukraine by giving directly to UNICEF, Amnesty International, or the charity of your choice. Here are links:

UNICEF USA Official Site – Help Children in Ukraine

Watch the City Garage Classic production “Atrocities”

Purchases of the text made through our website will be forwarded to the charity of your choice. Just give us instructions at

Merci, and we look forward to seeing you at City Garage.